Saturday, 31 March 2012

Main Task: Production Company Change

At the beginning of researching for our main task, we decided to use Hammer Film Productions as our Production Company. We had to contact Hammer Film Production but unfortunately have not heard back from them. As we know time is limited we decided to make our own Production Company called

London Film Productions

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Main task: Changes

When editing, we decided maybe using the lullaby that we intended on would make it seem as if we were just putting music in for the sake of putting music in. However, nearing the end of editing our teacher made us realise that the music adds a dramatic feel to our film. Additionally, I also learnt how to speed up and slow down the volume for the music, so that it gradually builds up. To conclude, I feel that it was a good idea to use the music and it makes our film more of a conventional psychological thriller.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Main Task: How we imported the sound

Main Task: Editing so far..

Editing has gone very smoothly, we only needed to re-shoot a couple of things. Our film needs to be completely finished by this friday (30th march). We are certain that we will finish by friday, as the only things we need to do are

  • add the titles for the production company.
  • sort out the transitions between a few shots.
  • make sure the entire film is around the 2-minute mark. 
Here are a few pictures from our editing process: 

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Main Task: 9th March Filming

Tomorrow we will be filming some shots that need improvments on.

4pm-5pm: Filming all outside bits that we need.

5pm-6pm: All inside shots are filmed.

Main task: More filming needed

Tomorrow we are going to film:
- the beginning bit of the alleyway.
- the last shot where we see the mother's face in shock, as there is a knock at the door.
- the shot of looking through the fence, with the heavy breathing.
- and some shots of the childs room.